Лидеры и партнеры

The D2I2 Initiative (Data and Digital Innovation Infrastructure) for Climate Actions

D2I2 is a consortium of organizations and initiatives linking expertise and resources into a new infrastructure of data and digital innovations with social innovation, governance innovation, financial innovation covering the whole value chain of climate actions.

The Need for D2I2

We are addressing several major problems to unlock the potential of digitalization and enable innovative solutions for climate action and SDGs:

  • Lack of industry standards

  • Lack of interoperability

  • Lack of skills and knowledge

  • Fragmented tech solutions

D2I2 Partners and Supporters

The D2I2 was initiated by members of the Climate Chain Coalition in cooperation with FIBREE and the UOI (Unique Object Identifier). The D2I2 partner network continues to now involves supporters from many sectors and regions:


  • IAAI GloCha

  • Evercity

  • Climate Blockchain Initiatives

  • Adaptation Ledger

  • ECO2 Ledger

  • IOTA

  • ClimateKIC

  • ClimateCHECK



  • UCL

  • RadoBank

  • ARUP


  • RISO

  • RICS

D2I2 Charter and Principles

D2I2 is an open participatory collaboration formed on the basis of shared principles of:

  • Collaboration

  • Interoperability

  • Foundational role of Open-source in the ecosystem

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with D2I2, please email climatechaincoalition@gmail.com.